Reach bigger audiences with multistreaming

Stream live to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, custom RTMP, and others – at the same time.


Multicast where your audience is

Easily simulcast to the platforms where your community lives, making it easy for viewers to watch and engage.


8 destinations

MomentoStream can stream up to 8 destinations at the same time. Combine any Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch, and custom RTMP destinations to reach a broader audience.


Custom RTMP
Stream to any custom platform that provides an RTMP URL and stream key within minutes.


Engage with your audience in real time

Share comments, give shoutouts, and be equally present to your viewers wherever they’re watching from.


Highlight messages from all your channels to drive engagement.


Stream anywhere

Create a broadcast to stream to any destination that supports RTMP or take our Momento embedded player and place it on your own website or third-party apps.


Frequently Asked Questions About Multistreaming

MomentoStream has a direct integration with Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Twitch. You can also stream to other platforms like Amazon Live, Vimeo, Dacast, Momento Events, and others using our custom RTMP feature.

You can stream to 8 destinations simultaneously on the Advanced and Professional plans, 3 on the Basic plan, and 1 on the Free plan.

No, you don’t need additional bandwidth to use MomentoStream. Our servers will handle everything for you.

Yes. There are no restrictions on the types of destinations you can multistream to. For example, you could stream to 6 Youtube channels and 2 Facebook pages simultaneously, if you wanted to.

Custom RTMP is a way to stream to a platform that is not listed among our already connected platforms, but provides an RTMP URL and stream key

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